November 4

Yes, I skip days. And it’s not because I’m not thankful. It’s because I forgot to post a photo.

So, November 3:

I know what you’re thinking: we’re only on day 3 and she’s already thankful for bourbon?!? Well, it just so happens that a bourbon and coke (or a few) is a great way to spend a Saturday night. Or a Monday night. Whatever. I’m thankful for this delicious drink and all the fun, relaxing times I’ve had enjoying it. Also, I can write at warp speed after a little of this. There, now you know my secret.

Now back to today:

Today I’m thankful for patience. For knowing when to stop and take time to do things with the kids, even if it doesn’t exactly appeal to me. The littles (H & C) wanted to learn to sew. They begged me for days. I kept saying “maybe later,” because, let’s face it, sewing is boring and teaching someone to sew is no fun at all. Then today I finally caved, and after I had threaded the needle 25 times, and taken out messed up stitches just as many times, we finally ended up with these tiny little quilt squares for their bears. And you know what, my patience paid off big time, because my Littles were so thrilled with what they had accomplished, and so happy to spend that hour with me. It was worth every minute. I should really stop and do these things more often. Next week, I’m teaching them to sew buttons….

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