cookout at Zahra’s

So this will seem slightly odd, if not ironic, after yesterday’s post, but I’m nothing if not odd and ironic:

Did you know that the only difference between Islam and Christianity is the belief that Christ was resurrected? I mean, I know, that’s a big one, but still. The way our world acts, you’d think we were polar opposites on all fronts. Last night, I had the pleasure of discussing the Islam faith with my sister-in-law’s parents, over a delicious dinner they prepared for us at their home in Elizabethtown.

I learned, for instance, that the Islam faith includes belief in the Immaculate conception, something I thought exclusive to my own faith. I also learned the real reason Muslims do not eat pork–because pigs are indiscriminate as to what they consume, and Muslims do not put anything unclean into their bodies, which are (as all of our bodies are) temples of God. In fact, Muslims do not eat any animal which would partake of another animal as food. And they drain all the blood and impurities out of an animal before they butcher it for food. Honestly, this seems like a good idea to me.

I learned many other interesting facts about this beautiful religion–for example, the five prayers each day asking God for blessings, forgiveness, guidance and protection are also something I could easily adopt. And I love that I have these new family members to give my children first hand knowledge of another faith.

So back to why we were in E-town:

Seriously, prepare yourself for multiple shots of adorableness. We are all completely in awe of Zahra. She is like a living doll; tiny and perfect. As Maryam (Zahra’s mother, my sister-in-law) said, “I’m fascinated by her; I could watch her all day.”

I couldn’t agree more.

So we all gathered for a delicious Pakistani cookout (with some burgers thrown in, too) at the Rahman’s gorgeous home. The food is amazing. Thomas was so excited because he has been talking about the food from Maryam and Todd’s wedding for almost a year now. He may need Maryam’s mother to teach me a few dishes.

I’ll let the photos sum up the rest of the story:

Pool party!

I loved the fountain

Delicious meal, after we all dove in

baby girls

My beautiful nieces

Future nanny

He loves to hold babies!

Thanks to the sweetest little hostess in the world, Zahra (and of course her parents and grandparents) for a terrific cookout!

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