Cleaning, Crack and the Magic of Tumblr

This is going to come across as so “housewifey,” but–what the hell, I am a housewife. Of sorts.  But have you noticed that the Magic Eraser is like crack?

I mean, a few months ago, I didn’t even know it existed. And now, I open up one of those things and it’s like an entire day disappears with me walking around wiping everything in sight with my little magic eraser. (well, not an entire day…you know what I mean).

And then today I was wiping down the cabinet that stores the toys in the family room and I realized–my kids aren’t leaving as many fingerprints behind anymore. Not only that, now that they are helping with the chores, it’s like suddenly there is a lot less cleaning to do in general. (but still plenty, trust me. Or trust John, since he seems to do most of it).

That almost brought a tear to my eye (the fact that they are no longer little toddlers making messes in my house), but then I realized how much more psychological work I have to do these days–working out the one millionth argument between the boys, or navigating the emotional drama that surrounds my daughter’s choice of clothing every morning. (and I mean, seriously, she’s SIX! How is this an issues already?)  Add in the hundred times a day that I have to pretend to be completely blown away by something they made out of Legos, or amazed at the latest plot in a Cat Warriors book…and yeah, I’m mentally exhausted these days, even if I’m not scrubbing oatmeal off the high chair anymore.

But I digress. Let’s switch topics.

Speaking of crack and things that I can fall into for an entire day–am I the last person on earth to discover Tumblr? I mean. oh. my.

After I exhausted all the possible hashtags for celebrity stalking on twitter, “liked” all the corresponding Facebook pages, and downloaded the TMZ app, I was at a loss. I mean, there is only so much the paparazzi can do.

But then I found Tumblr, where teenage girls who have endless amounts of free time have nicely compiled page after page of photos and quotes and all things celebrity. In most cases they’ve even categorized it for me. THANK YOU teenage girls with no life!

At fourteen, I used to spend my nights tape-recording mix tapes off the radio and cutting photos and catch phrases out of magazines to glue to the front of my algebra notebook. Just imagine if I’d had Tumblr! (quick moment to point out that I hate the way they spell Tumblr. Why try to be cool like that, internet people? It’s so not.)

And just because I know you’re wondering….No, I don’t have a Tumblr account now. I may act like a small child, but I do have work to do here people. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

It’s a very gray line….and it seems to curve quite a bit….but it’s a line.

Happy Monday!

found on Tumblr

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