Somewhere between mundane and amazing

The picture above would have gone nicely with my last post.

I felt like I should check back in and reassure everyone that I am not a sloth. Since my last post I’ve done several responsible things, including:



balancing the checkbook,

reading marketing materials,

folding laundry,

scheduling meetings with clients,

donating used clothing to the poor,

and other assorted adult ventures.

I just felt like you should know. I’ve also done non-responsible things, like dedicating an entire board on Pinterest to my HG obsession. It’s a glamorous life, what can I say. What have all of you been up to?

Speaking of life: Yesterday, July 9th, my niece was born. She’s one of those seriously beautiful babies that you can’t stop looking at. Dark hair, dark eyes, perfect skin. So sweet.

Anyway, today when I stopped in the hospital to see her, my brother (the baby is his daughter), says to the baby, in a joking way, “sorry we brought you into this world. now you’ll have to grow up and go to school and get a job and all those things.”

“No,” I said. “Look at how beautiful she is. All she has to do is grow up and move to Hollywood. She’s going to be a movie star.”

Or she could live on the beach, or Paris, or outer space. She can be a rock star, a secret agent, or the president. So many possibilities lay before her, on this first day of her entire life. It’s amazing, really.

And then later I realized, this is the first day of the rest of my life, too.

Yes, this is the deep thought I had while waiting in the turn lane on Nicholasville Road heading to K-Mart.

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  1. I LOVE this post. She could be anything, and so can we. We might not have quite as many options now that we’re older, but the possibilities are really incredible!