The Fever

Not the Bieber Fever. But did anyone watch the rerun of Modern Family last night? Manny said, “it’s the Biebering of America,” and then Gloria thought he said “Beavering” so she goes into this long monologue about the Beavers building damns all over America. It was funny…but doesn’t seem as funny now when I write it out. Maybe you should just watch it online and then get back to me….

Anyway, I’m talking about spring fever, which I know most people get this time of year. Except in our house, we get a special brand of spring fever called Disney Fever.

Classic Magical Moment: 2009

It seems that the impending Spring weather evokes a real NEED to go to Disney. It’s completely ridiculous (and very First World), I know, and as a grown woman I realize I’m risking complete ridicule by putting this out there, but:

I can’t stop thinking about Disney magic.

That first moment when you drive on to the hotel property and all the surroundings are manicured perfectly and you’re instantly transported into the best part of your imagination (we like to stay at the hotel with a 1900s New Orleans theme–beautiful riverside, blooming trees, nature everywhere).

The warm Florida sunshine and perfect spring temps (we’ve always had around 80 degrees–dream weather).

That moment when you first walk down Main Street and see the castle. And the smell–like chocolate and warm cinnamon rolls and roasted pecans all at once.  Main Street smells absolutely divine!

beauty everywhere

I could go on all day long.  Really, I could. You know me, right?


It’s hardly practical to take 5 people to Disney World every single year. We had already planned to go every two years, and are looking forward to our trip in 2013 when the new Fantasyland will open. And the sensible side of me knows that our money is better spent on home repairs, or stupid red couches that we can’t even put in our den (someone really needs to come have a meeting in my office now that I have all this nice furniture in here).

A “Fever” for something is irrational. So even though I know I’m acting just like a screaming kid who gets hysterical when Justin Bieber comes out on stage, every rational part of me flies out the window when I think about the first week of April. That week when we could all pile in the car (or plane–the plane was definitely better) and head toward our favorite destination…the sun on our faces, and joy and excitement on our horizon. Absolute Magic.

Ahhh, but for now I’ll settle for listening to the “It’s a Small World” channel on Pandora and looking at this:

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