It’s been about 2 months since I started working for myself again and I’ve run into a few people who have asked me: “So what have you been doing?”

Well, I’ll tell you: working. Working like crazy, which is just awesome. I wasn’t expecting to have this many writing projects so soon. I knew I’d be working about 10 hours per week for Inbox Orange, and I figured I’d do a few freelance jobs here and there and then fill in the rest of my time with fun projects and shopping. As it turns out, I’ve picked up a bunch of writing projects through WriterGirl and I rarely have time to leave the computer until it’s time to meet the kids at the bus stop each day.  I’m swamped with work and extremely grateful!

Ok, but when I quit my job 2 months ago, I totally had plans to be the next Martha Stewart. I was going to sew, cook, knit and bake my way into the house wife hall of fame. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or just a passing phase, or perhaps the expected result of playing on Pinterest nonstop for the last few months I was trapped at my day job. I just know I feel crafty.

Slight problem: I’m not crafty.

But that hasn’t stopped me. Before Christmas, I learned to knit and produced a lovely, um, we’re not exactly sure what. Luckily my Mother in Law was able to turn it into a neck warmer, which I gave to Thomas, who did not seem thrilled. (Alas, I had imagined more of a Norman Rockwell moment. Hey, I pretend to love the stuff he makes me!)

Then John gave me a sewing machine for Christmas! Last night, after carefully considering John’s fear that I would sew my fingers together, I took an old sheet and made my first “practice” curtain. Despite being the ugliest curtain ever made, I think the whole thing went well.

Yeah, that's got to come down. It's even too ugly for the laundry room.

So what’s next on the crafting list? I’m back to knitting; this time it’s a real scarf for John.

Check it: I'm getting pretty good! if I do an inch each day, he should be wearing it by next Christmas.

I also dragged John to the fabric store and made him help me pick out material to make curtains in the kitchen or den.

What do you think? I love!

I even have my own sewing corner now. Sigh. Domestic bliss.

Next up, I’m going to start cooking a few recipes I’ve marked in Bluegrass Winners. That will have to be a whole other post, though. While I excel at eating, I’m not sure these 10 step recipes are going to be my thing.

So there you have it: What I’ve been doing with my time. Now tell me what you’ve been doing with yours. If it seems more interesting than sewing lopsided curtains, I may join you.


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4 responses to “crafty

  1. I’ve been working on LexRunLadies in every single spare minute. You should join us soon!

  2. Halee

    I love that curtain! Seriously! Would you make me some if I bought the material and paid you for labor?