You’ve probably heard me say how much I enjoy my job. What’s not to like? I write, I take photos, I blog…I do all the things I enjoy.

But if you are close to me at all, then you’ve also heard me complaining about the time constraints. You may have even been privy to my Flowers in the Attic analogy, and although that may be stretching it, I DO work in an attic (sort of).

Prior to this, for many years, I was not only a stay at home Mom (which I considered my primary and most important job), but I was also a freelance writer. I worked on my own time, choosing when and where I worked. What’s not to like about that? Nothing I tell you! Nothing except the instability.

A few months ago, overwhelmed by the fact that I was not living my authentic life, and yearning for the freedom I experienced as a freelancer, I started fantasizing about going back to owning my time and working for myself. The only drawback, I admitted, was the insecure feeling that it brings–one month I might make decent money, the next month I might not make any.

Nevertheless (did I really just use that word? Why does it run together like that? so strange), John and I had decided that having two parents work outside the home was just not working for our family. I started making plans to leave my job and return to freelance writing full time. John even dubbed it the “Bring Mom Back Home” campaign. We decided we were just going to have to make sacrifices to deal with the very unstable income. I went back and forth on this issue (see my guest post) and tried to convince myself it was just a phase.

I was thinking about all of this one night when I decided to check my email from my phone. There, in my inbox was an offer from a company I have done work for in the past, and whose owners have been friends of mine for years. Fate had intervened and I am now amazed to say that not only will I be returning to my home office to freelance, but I will also be working as a team member of Inbox Orange on a regular basis.

Freedom + Stability. Win=Win.

There are really no words to express how happy I am with this development. Mostly I am just in awe of how life (and my God) has a way of surprising me, just when I need it most.


I feel like the only downside of this might be that all my blog posts will go something like this: “Worked in my pajamas again today…”

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