Oh Boy, it’s a Girl!

DO NOT freak out!

I am NOT having a boy OR a girl. I am NOT pregnant. Do I need to repeat that? Okay, shew. Now that we have that out of the way.

I was merely quoting my extremely witty (in my opinion, but I’m full of myself) email that I sent out to family and friends after we found out we were having Cate.

What brings this up, you ask? Well, it seems now that Facebook has exhausted itself of all novelty, and email is soooo old-fashioned to the kids having babies these days (not to people our age, of course), the new fad is to have the doctor’s office call a bakery and tell them if it’s a girl or boy. The bakery then makes a cake with either blue or pink icing inside and then the expecting mother can throw a party and serve the cake, so that when the cake is cut–ta da! Everyone knows the sex of the baby.

UM. Does anyone else see the potentially disasterious and exponentially humurous results this could generate? I mean, should we really be trusting whoever answers the phone at the bakery to get this right? Seriously, what if they just don’t have any blue icing on hand and they think, “what the hell, pink should be fine”? Or worse, what if they just use a nongender color, like yellow or light green? Just how, exactly, would THAT be handled at one of these baby gender reveal parties?

I don’t know….it just sounds like room for some serious problems.

So I have the solution: what these bakeries should really do is like those king cakes from Mardi Gras where they bake a tiny baby into the cake. They could put in a girl baby or a boy baby–wouldn’t that be fun? It’d be a game at the party to find the baby, just like Mardi Gras.

I was rather pleased with my idea (which, btw, don’t STEAL it, because I plan to open a bakery just for this reason and make MILLIONS. It will be all the rage–I promise you). But then, I was telling Whitney my idea and this was her response:

“I think they should just make a penis cupcake or a vagina cupcake.”

She may be on to something. But then, wouldn’t that just make it more like a bachelor party? I don’t know…

Anyway, QUICK someone get pregnant so I can bake a tiny plastic doll into a cake! No? Well, there’s always Mardi Gras…

I just felt like you needed to visualize what it might be like to "win" the contest and find the baby in your slice of cake. At this point you would yell to the happy couple: "It's a boy!" Right after you check to see what kind of baby is in your cake, of course.

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  1. Okay, this is hilarious!!!! A lot of girls my age are having these gender reveal parties and at first it was kind of cute but now everybody’s doing it so it’s just worn out. My main concern with the whole thing is, what if I have a girl? Red food coloring tastes disgusting. No bueno. And you know I’m going to want to eat that cake.