The Mind Eraser

I think it was my friend Linda who first brought the concept of the “mind eraser” to my attention. I mean, it’s not like I had never heard the term before, but Linda said it as we were leaving after a particularly long, difficult day at work, and it was just the most perfect idea, given the situation.

Later, or to be truthful–many, many other times later, I would take a sip of my bourbon after the kids were in bed and think, “ah, the mind eraser.” Because having that bourbon, whether I’m curled up on the couch, relaxing on the front porch, or sinking into the tub, is my way of erasing all the stress and troubles of the day. But the bourbon itself isn’t the mind eraser (although, in certain quantities, that does apply. IE: picnic with the pops accidental pint disaster).

The Mind Eraser is more of an abstract concept, like blocking out bad memories, only on purpose–and not because you’re the victim of a gruesome crime scene.

Then today, I thought of another use for the mind eraser–to stop me from being so judgemental. Actually, it was Whitney’s idea. We both saw a stupid complaint on Twitter and she said she just had to block it out and I immediately thought: The Mind Eraser!

(Which, I need you to know, I’m saying The Mind Eraser! in the same voice I used to say “The Missing Rubber Duckie!” whenever I read Sherlock Hemlock and the Case of Ernie’s Missing Rubber Duckie about fifty billion times to Thomas when he was a preschooler. It’s just a very enthusiastic, detective type voice. And man, that was the longest book ever. Nap time seemed like it would never come when he chose that book.)

But back to my point: I don’t like to be a hater, but sometimes the things people say on social media, or even in real life, just kill me. Seriously, how do people have the nerve to hit Send on some of these posts? Or to open their mouths? There are so many things to complain about. I get it. But I don’t need the negativity in my life. In general, I avoid negative people as much as possible.

This is where the mind eraser comes in handy! I just pretend like I’m pulling a magic cloth past my face (feel free to simulate this at home) and then viola! I don’t have to think about it anymore. I know, it seems so stupid. But it forces me to let go of negative thoughts that aren’t even mine to begin with. I have enough going on myself that I have to pour that bourbon each night, so erasing other people’s negative energy is a must.

Try it!

Important Disclaimer: The Mind Eraser should not be used to do any of the following: suspend reality; ignore house cleaning; forget about your badly behaved children; or justify questionable decisions.  The Mind Eraser should never be used after reading this blog. Please remember to use caution when using the Mind Eraser. Do not erase important dates, names or information. Do not operate a motor vehicle while using the mind eraser. Consuming alcoholic beverages while using the Mind Eraser will enhance its effects.


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2 responses to “The Mind Eraser

  1. Dude. This is genius! Also, somewhat dangerous.

    I LIKE IT.

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