Tattoos and Tabasco

So Cate got her first tattoo this past weekend.

Pretty, huh? Don't worry, it's just henna. Wears off in about 3 weeks.

It was all part of the traditional muslim and Pakistani wedding celebration, in which my brother was married to Maryam.

I think the easiest way to explain this is with a photo re-cap:

We spent a lot of time lounging around and getting ready. Hair and makeup artists turned us into gorgeous versions of ourselves. Here Henry checks out his new "spiked" hairdo.

We wore amazing dresses, like this one, which were gifts from the bride's family. The dresses were traditional and included pants to cover our legs (for modesty) and these great scarves. John even got his own special scarf to wear the first night.

The celebrations themselves were festive and beautiful. Here is the table from the first night, when we celebrated Mehndi, which I don't feel like explaining, so just google it.

Part of the ceremony before they brought in the bride. Notice me, my sister, brother and his daughter up on the comfy couch throne. Yeah, that was cool.

All this took place after 7:30 at night, so of course my baby fell asleep.

All the food was very spicy, but mostly very good. My Dad, for some strange reason, felt the need to request Tabasco sauce from the waiter. Really Dad? Here's a picture of Jamie's plate.

We learned some new dance moves. I'm in the pink--see my right hand? That's my cool henna tattoo. I think I might be addicted. Just don't be surprised if the next time you see me I'm covered in it.

Just to give you some perspective: Cate was the only blond in a room of 200+ people. So she was easy to keep track of. It was a terrific cultural experience for our entire family. Thomas summed it up best: "I think I could really get used to this!"

This is Henry asleep again on the second night. Yeah, he's really easy to put to bed at home, too.

A shot of the happy couple. If you think she looks like a princess here, you should have seen the get-up the next night. I didn't get a good shot of it, but according to sources, her headdress on the second night was older than the United States. crazy.

And finally, just for laughs, my favorite random photo of the weekend:

We're super close, my daughter and I.


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3 responses to “Tattoos and Tabasco

  1. It all looks beautiful!
    Then I saw the last photo and lost it. Bwahaha!

  2. O to the M to the G. That last photo is priceless. Looks like a beautiful wedding though. I’d love to see the old wedding attire you mentioned.