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So my friend Whitney is MAKING me do this. Not really, but she tagged me in her post and then insinuated that we might not be friends anymore if I ignored this. Since I’m not really sure what I would do on Gchat all day without her, I caved.

But I’m changing the rules. I like to bend rules–have I mentioned that? I’m going to list out the 5 items the game requests, but I am not going to tag anyone else. I know; total rebellion. It’s just like that time we watched Reform School Girls in the 7th grade. But this won’t be as scary or ruin your innocence forever.

So here goes:

1) My Most Beautiful Post: I hate to start this out with a downer, but several people commented that this was a beautiful post, so clearly it must be the winner of this category: Wait for me. Not my usual material. But I’m glad people liked it.

2) My Most Popular Post:  Fat Dress is the most-read post on my blog. I mean, I agree that it was an entertaining event in my life, but really people, the fact that you get such a kick out of one of my lowest’s rather troubling

3) My Most Controversial Post: The only post I’ve ever had John read first before publishing was Honk if you love Jesus. I knew it was controversial but I couldn’t keep it bottled up. In the end I had to edit out a few paragraphs before I could publish it. It was that, or risk having the far right burn down our house. What? Am I being controversial again?

4) My Most Helpful Post: Let’s face it, none of this is helpful. It’s just me, talking about myself mostly, so I guess in that way it is helpful to myself. It’s the cheapest therapy around. If I had to pick something that was even mildly helpful to my readers, I would say it was The Dave Ramsey Blues post because maybe, just maybe, I convinced you to never drive a minivan. Because they suck; so just don’t.

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Food Revolution was a surprise success, mainly because the Ace Weekly blog linked to my post, which I consider a huge honor. Anytime someone links to my blog I am honored, but as a big fan of Ace, I was extremely flattered.

6) A Post I Didn’t Think Got The Attention It Deserved: Okay, so when I wrote The Patron Saint of Boo Boo I really thought I was all sorts of clever. I loved writing that post and frankly I was shocked when I did not receive the Pulitzer or a book deal afterward. It is still by far one of my favorite posts. And I am still living in the afterglow of my new-found awe of Catholic saints.

7) The Post I Am Most Proud Of: House Call is a post I wrote in less than 10 minutes and meant every word from my heart. I was proud to write a tribute to someone I consider excellent in every way. And I was proud to have so many people respond, including other doctors, and to have it passed along beyond my website. This July 1, we changed our insurance back and returned to our favorite pediatrician for good. The lesson is learned–some things are worth every penny.

This concludes the the shameless self-promotion of my blog. Agree? Disagree? Couldn’t care less? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Except YOU Whitney. You better put a big fat “Like” on this post.


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5 responses to “blog snapshot

  1. In random order, here are my comments:

    A) Thanks for taking my threat to end our friendship seriously. Either that or you were simply afraid of the lonely white box that would stare at you every day on Gchat should you not oblige. Either way, I’ll take it!

    B) Fat Dress… makes me laugh every time I read it. Because, honestly, WHO??? WHO JUST ASSUMES SOMEONE IS PREGNANT?

    C) Wait For Me makes me cry. It *is* a beautiful post.

    D) Dr. Straub! Ah! He was my pediatrician as well… Along with Dr. Riley and Dr. Lewis. Dr. Straub used to draw birds on my hands and tell me potatoes were in my ears. I now request he does the same for Evie.

    E) This is my big fat LIKE. So, there.

    • krissie

      I loved going back and reading posts that I remembered, and posts from before I was a frequent visitor.

      Well done, my friend. And brave. I don’t think I have the stomach to go back through my blog, though. There’s some ugly stuff in there…

  2. julia

    Christina!! Ok-so the last post was a tear jerker for my family! Love that you are back and thank you for all of the wonderful things you say about my dad!

    • Hi Julia! We are so excited to be back with your Dad! John and the kids saw him last week and the kids were so happy. They even told me what kind of tie he was wearing. 🙂
      Hope you are doing well!