Green with envy

I’ve been avoiding writing about this, because I can’t stand to be a complainer. Don’t get me wrong, I complain. But in general I try not to, especially on Twitter, where there are some people who complain enough for everyone.


The truth of the matter is, I’ve been insanely jealous lately and I hate that about myself. But if I can’t be truthful on here, then what is the point of the blog, right?

So, it turns out, when you’re married to a teacher, and when you’ve been a stay at home mom, you end up knowing a lot of people who work in the school system. And guess what? People who work in the school system get this magic little thing called, “summer break” that people who don’t work in the school system, well…we just don’t get one.

John never complains about his job all year, and because he is by default our childcare provider when school is out, I am loath to envy his summer break. But I am literally (you know I don’t use that word lightly if you read my last post) screaming inside hearing about and reading about everyone else’s countdown to their well-deserved vacation. I feel like everyone who works deserves a vacation, not just people who work at schools. (the French certainly agree with me) And to make matters worse, all of these people make about twice what I make at my job.

(insert pity party)

Sigh. You can hate me now. I know how it sounds. I just need an attitude adjustment. I really love what I do. And I love that I can meet John and the kids at Woodland pool all summer during my lunch break. I have nothing to complain about.

I would NEVER want to trade places with my teacher friends during the school year. I would die (not literally this time) if I didn’t have access to Starbucks and my Twitter account throughout the work day, or had to quit drinking water because I could only use the bathroom during my planning hour. I would make a horrible teacher. But I’m still jealous of all this talk about summer break.

So last week I’d had enough of all the Facebook posts and counting down to freedom and I decided to adjust my own attitude. My boss likes to buy shoes when she’s feeling down, so I took a little page from her book and I bought myself something new.

Ta da!

That’s right. Hello summer! Who’s green with envy now?

And I really do feel better. Well, plus, I took my 3 kids to the public pool by myself on Sunday and how did I ever do that when they were smaller? I feel so bad for John the next 5 weeks. Good luck buddy. Gooooooood luck.

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  1. Who doesn’t love a new bikini?! Also, if it makes you feel better I have to work during the summer too. We could have a joint pity party in our new bikinis on the weekend.