No Meat Work Week

We are (almost) vegetarians at our house this week. At least until Friday.

I like a slab of bacon as much as the next girl and I’ve been known to put down an O’Round from Lynagh’s faster than a lot of men, but this is different.

It started because we had been buying our meat at Whole Foods. And once you’ve had a bison burger, there’s really no going back to Kroger ground beef. But we can only afford $100 per pound red meat for so long (slight exaggeration) and it is so inconvenient to drive over to Whole Foods, so eventually we slumped back into our Kroger routine.

Then we had a series of bad meat incidences. Or maybe we are just paranoid. It’s hard to tell with us. First I bought a pork tenderloin–three times in a row for a single dinner. The first one “smelled funny” so I took it back and Kroger nicely exchanged it for another. The next one may have smelled funny, but I think I was prejudiced against it and John, well, he can’t even look at a pork tenderloin ever since the Muskrat incident of 1998. (Long story but the moral is that new brides should never attempt complicated recipes)

That led to a third trip to Kroger and a half-hearted attempt to eat the surely-to-God perfectly fine pork. But we were already sick just thinking about it. (I should note, no one got sick, although a fair amount of gagging took place). A few weeks later we bought some chicken–the same “organic” chicken we had been buying for months–and found it lacking a good color. Honestly, it just looked disgusting. Again, John was hardly helpful as he also can’t  bear to look at raw chicken. You see how this is influencing my gag reflex?

The final straw was a pork chop that even Thomas wouldn’t touch. And if your stomach isn’t turning after all those descriptions, you can at least imagine how sick we felt.

So we decided to go meatless. Caveat: unless  we are at a restaurant. Reason? Because at a restaurant, we don’t have to see the meat raw. More importantly, we don’t have to be the ones to decide whether a particular piece of meat will kill our entire family (or at best render us all helplessly hanging over the toilet).

The most important factor in actually making this happen was John being on board. I can spout off all the health benefits of vegetarian dishes in the world, but until the man is on board, we all know there will still be meat on the table.

With this as our collective goal, we set out to procure a meatless menu for the week ahead. First up tonight was black bean quesadillas. The results were very good. Of course Cate did not eat them, but when was the last time she actually ate? I think she’s still expending energy from a cracker she ate in 2007.

Later this week: spaghetti, Pancakes & Lasagna. We’re just going to take it day by day and week by week. On weekends we will gorge on meat at restaurants we deem safe. (also to offset any health benefits–you know)

Clearly we need some help coming up with meal ideas. All ideas are welcome. But nothing fancy please–you don’t want me to bore you with the Muskrat story.

Okay–blog over. You are free to go vomit now.


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3 responses to “No Meat Work Week

  1. I made Risotto Primavera last week which sounds somewhat fancy but don’t be fooled… I got it from The Pioneer Woman and I modified it and just used the risotto you get out of a box that comes with a spice pack. It was DELICIOUS and super easy to make.

  2. I got organic chicken breasts from Kroger a couple of weeks ago and when I opened them up, I completely gagged. I then sent hubs straight back to the store to get my money back. Bad meat skeeves me out.
    I recently bought some bison at Kroger (at a whole foods price of $7.99) and it was very good. I also buy salmon and tuna steaks there weekly without incident. I would love to Whole Foods-it or Fresh Market-it all the time, but I eat too much and don’t have enough money LOL. Once I get back in town after this weekend I need to start hitting up the farmers market for my meat. With grocery prices so high, the local choices are even more attractive.

  3. Angie

    I’m thinking about making this tomorrow – Lots of great veggie recipes out there. Trying to pay for local/organic meat sure makes me more motivated about finding them!