May Day, May Day

“That’s a negative, Ghost rider, the pattern is full.”–Top Gun


It’s only the 3rd day of May and already I feel like this will be the month I crash and burn.

You’ve heard me say before (about 1,000 times) how much I love my job, so that is not the problem.

The problem is just “being” at work, when there are so many other places I need to be.

Like Henry’s 3 field trips, one of which is all the way to the Newport Aquarium. I can’t imagine him on such a big field trip without me. (plus it would be fun!) And of course the other two have field trips, too.

Or Cate’s ballet rehearsals, which for some reason start at 4:30 in the afternoon. Yesterday I left my office, where the Mayor was speaking at a reception for the new President of the University, in order to race over to the ballet studio. I hated leaving that reception. But I would hate missing Cate’s dress rehearsal even more.

I will also be missing my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday, which makes me sad. I don’t have enough vacation time. In fact, I don’t have enough vacation time to take off and go to the pool with my kids a single time this summer, something that was a huge part of every other summer of their childhood. John will take them instead, which is a great consolation. (but of course I am insanely jealous.)

I would ask you to feel even more sorry for me than you already do, but you might recall I spent all my vacation going to Disney. ha!

I’ll also be missing both of my boys perform in their first school plays on stage (Thomas in Hamlet, my favorite!). The very saddest–I will be missing Cate’s Kindergarten graduation.

In between missing things, I am coordinating babysitters and grandparents to watch kids on random “no-school” days (in my opinion Fayette County has way too many of these!)  Oh, and I’ve almost got the master list completed for their summer activities–swimming, art classes, lessons. Who wants to transport my kids to and from Vacation Bible School on June 6,7 & 8? Not kidding.

Sorry, enough whining. I actually do feel better whining about it, though, especially to a captive audience.

As much as I love working, and have loved working all this year, I can’t help but think it is just unnatural for a mother to not be around during the month of May.

The kids pulled out the old home movies the other night and there was Thomas, 4 years old, at his end of the year preschool program in May 2006. If I had a million dollars, I’d be in that auditorium again, balancing my 22 month old and 10 month old on my lap, watching my sweet Thomas sing “It’s a Grand Ole Flag.”

This year I’m relying on good friends and text messages of video clips from their iPhones to give me that “almost like I’m really there” feeling during all the special moments.

June, and my parachute of peace, are just around the corner!


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4 responses to “May Day, May Day

  1. I know we already talked about this… but I know exactly how you feel and it really, really sucks.

    But if you ever need me to babysit, gimme a shout. I’m sure our kids would amuse each other and I promise to not drink too much bourbon while in charge.


    • Of course you would drink bourbon if you were watching 4 kids! My kids would not notice anything out of place. You are sweet to offer to watch them. What time should I drop them Friday night?
      Ha. Ha. Ha.
      It is easier knowing all the other Moms are in the same boat as me. I am starting to realize I was very, very spoiled before.

  2. Kerri Hardin

    OMG, realizing how totally spoiled I am now. I hate you have to miss all those things=( I will probably be back at work one day also and I will be in the same boat. I will also put out the offer to help you out if you need it! Just let me know!

  3. Kristin

    We’re bummed about you not being here as well…positive vibes and it will all work out! Love and miss ya! K