Honk if you love Jesus

Okay, just in case you don’t know me very well, I feel like I should start this off with a disclaimer: I do indeed love Jesus. I was raised as a Christian, have 12 years of Catholic school under my belt, and would take out a billboard (if I could afford to) to sing the praises of the Baptist preschool that has so lovingly guided my children in the ways of Christ during their tender years.  Lastly, I heartily apologize if this offends anyone. It is, after all, only my opinion.

Now that we have that out of the way—

So one thing I can’t stand is soap boxing. It’s bad enough when people feel that they simply MUST constantly share their political views, but please, please, please DO NOT try to convert me to Christianity. A few reasons:

1) I am already a Christian

2) There are many other wonderful religions (or even non-religions) that embody the same spirit of loving, giving, and caring as Christianity.

3) Being a Christian does not automatically make someone a good person (I could cite examples but I don’t own enough space on the internet) and conversely, many good people are not believers.

4) I am already a Christian (oops, did I say that already? Well, it IS a good reason, wouldn’t you agree?)

It’s not that I mind other people being joyful, or loving God, or sharing about it. I do like when someone shares a bible verse, especially if it comes at just the right moment.

It’s just that sometimes the things people say seem so trite and judgmental and…like they’re standing on a soap box. For example, when I see, “post this as your status if you agree.” Oh, does that mean if I don’t post it as my status I don’t agree? What if I completely agree, but don’t want to post it? Or what about those bumper stickers that ask you to “honk if you love Jesus”? If I honk when I see it, how can I guarantee the person won’t think I am passing judgement on his driving instead of following the instructions on his bumper?

What if I just consider religion a private thing?  A thing between me and Jesus.

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