The breakup

It’s been coming for a while now.  I’ve been in denial that it was ending for a few weeks, but this morning I took the first step towards breaking it off with Starbucks.

Like all love affairs, it started with a chance encounter. I’m not sure what they put in the coffee, but it must be the same thing McDonald’s puts in their fountain Coke, because there are few legal substances as enjoyable. (okay, bourbon would rank up there, but that’s about it)

I don’t drink caffeine at all now, but until I had my first Starbucks I was take it or leave it with coffee. Honestly, it’s not even like drinking coffee. It’s like drinking whipped cream and 8 tablespoons of sugar with a little coffee flavor. The deal was sweetened when I started using it as my office away from home, saving me a trip across town after dropping my daughter at preschool. Soon I recognized the regulars, and it gained the added benefit of being social. Warm and cozy in my favorite neighborhood Starbucks, I was happy, and shall we say–complacent–in my relationship.

Until:  Several times in a row my decaf coffee was accidentally made regular. I can take a heart attack scare once in a while, but when I’m leaning over my steering wheel praying my heart rhythm goes back to normal for the second time in a week, things just aren’t cool. Then came the day when I discovered they are charging for wifi access. At $2.00 per hour it is now cheaper for me to waste the gas and drive all the way back to the burbs to my own internet access. True, there is no cute young man there to whip up my Peppermint Mocha (but that’s only because John has to be at work during the day, otherwise I’d be set).

So today I made a bold move and I stood up my regular Starbucks. I tried a cup of instant decaf at my Mom & Dad’s house and let’s just say the kitchen sink drain really enjoyed it. Then I saw that Speedway was offering lattes for only 99 cents. It was fine, really, it was.  But it just wasn’t the same.

And I hate to sound like every other girl who says this after a breakup, but I think I may be getting back together with Starbucks. Like tomorrow morning. Stat.


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2 responses to “The breakup

  1. Jason

    I believe an intervention is in order. You’re an unleaded connoisseur, eh? Ever tried any Coffee Times/Lexington Coffee & Tea?

    Free wi-fi for paying customers…so for $2.12 you get all you can drink and free internet. It’s where I get my beans and have been known to hang out for some go-go juice on occasion.

    • copynoll

      No, but only because they are not near the preschool. I wonder if Common Grounds on High Street would be similar? Cheaper coffee and free wifi would be terrific!