I have been told I am “laid back” about many things, but one thing I have never been accused of being is relaxed. For example, I am laid back about my kids’ eating habits, I frequently run errands without a list, and my mini-van is a petri dish of disgusting, albeit unintended, science experiments that I may or may not get around to cleaning anytime soon.  But for all my relaxed attitude about certain things, as long as I can remember I have never been able to sit around and relax for an entire day.

I have often marveled at those friends (usually men) who can relax in a recliner all day watching sports, or those women who claim to wear pajamas all day and lay in bed for hours reading. Such stillness usually leaves me twitching. And that’s not to say I think that relaxing is lazy. I can be lazy; That’s easy!  I can ignore an un-mopped floor, an un-written radio script and a pile of laundry with the best of them. But while I’m ignoring what I should be doing I am most certainly not sleeping, or enjoying some down time, or–(gasp)–relaxing.  I am more likely creating another mess, rearranging things, plotting and planning, and of course talking incessantly the entire time.

That’s why I am so proud of myself today. Because today I did something unprecedented in my little microcosm of the universe. Today I slept until 9 and I didn’t feel guilty about it. After that I wore my pajamas until noon. I watched 3 back to back episodes of Mad Men, played on the computer, and only ate food that did not require preparation.  I didn’t tell the kids to pick up their toys, I barely glanced at the laundry room as I walked past, and I refused to put in my contacts. I couldn’t even bring myself to walk to the mailbox and I didn’t have a single “great idea.” I have been so relaxed and made so little movement that it is entirely possible John secretly thinks I have had a stroke.

And that was fun for about 4 hours. How in the world do people do this on a regular basis? Now back to being me…gonna fix some snacks, pick a paint color for the bedroom, play a game with the kids, re-arrange the Tupperware, pay some bills, play Mario Kart, pack up some items for GoodWill, write a blog…..

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