Juggling Act

My husband is a very good juggler. Really. He can juggle three items at a time—a great trick for entertaining kids. He can also juggle a soccer ball something like 100 times before it hits the ground. And most importantly, he has been juggling work and home life for the past 8 years without complaint.

Recently, I was feeling bored because I didn’t have enough balls of my own in the air. With the kids at school (mostly) and my freelance work so slow, I found myself updating my facebook status a few thousand times a day and it started to scare me. (plus, I’ve been informed that it means you’re old)  Then one day I just happened to be hanging out on Twitter and I lucked into a job interview with Lexington’s BEST newspaper. What started with an interview faux pax (now infamous), turned into an incredible opportunity in Advertising and Media Planning with Ace Weekly.

I won’t lie: the first week was something akin to bringing home a new baby. It had been a LONG time since I had juggled.  Probably the last time things were that chaotic in my home were back when I had a newborn, one year old and three year old (sorry to everyone who is sick of hearing THAT story, but it’s left lasting scars so I refer to it often). Since then I’ve been living the cushy life; one that involved a lot of free time to update my facebook status. So my juggling skills were a little rusty and that first week I let a few balls drop, and sometimes they were heavy, so I possibly crushed a few toes in the process.

But it’s always been a dream of mine to sit on Ace’s front porch of freedom, and let’s face it I am perfect for this job because I love to talk, talk, talk to people. It may have taken me a few weeks to figure out:  a)not to schedule pediatrician visits during work meetings,  b) as soon as you get a job the maid quits, so the house will ALWAYS be a disaster and  c) Hello Kitty band-aids do not look good with a cocktail dress; but in the end I have learned to juggle. I’m still not as good at it as my superbly talented husband, but then he always was more athletically inclined than I. Most importantly, I have learned that I love to juggle—especially because I have the best job in the whole world. Every day I get to meet new people, hang out in terrific locations, and learn things I never knew about my hometown while the kids are at school. And when they get home, I’m right here waiting for them—to get them a snack, help with homework, and talk about their day. Or, if they’re in the mood for some entertainment, they can watch me juggle.

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